Bad Breath

Bad Breath Says More Than Brush Your Teeth


In the beginning, bad breath causes many people to feel they have to stand further away when speaking and can even be a problem when it comes to romantic relationships. Bad breath happens to everybody at some point. It’s just a fact of life. But when you can’t seem to kick the stink, there could be some more important things going on with your body than simply having had too many pieces of garlic bread at dinner.


Bad Breath Remedies at Home


Because long-lasting bad breath causes are typically symptoms of some sort of tooth decay or gum disease, there are a few bad breath remedies that you can do from things you may already have in the kitchen. Try rinsing your mouth and gargling with several teaspoons of sea salt dissolved in warm water. The salt helps to clean out any infections that may be brewing in your mouth or tonsils. It also helps clear any wayward food particles that have taken up temporary residence in cracks in teeth.


Bad Breath Causes Some Concern


Because bad breath can be an indicator of internal problems, such as diabetes and liver disease, it can really bring on the stress. If you have already tried an assortment of bad breath remedies and have yet to find one that works for you, head to your dentist before panicking that things are going horrible with your organs. Dentists can weed out any problems that you might not have been able to see yourself.


If Bad Breath Persists


If bad breath continues, then you certainly want to make an appointment with your general doctor. Bad breath could just be something as simple as a little acid reflux, which can be treated with some over-the-counter medication. The doctor will run a series of tests to determine which bad breath remedies are going to be the best for you.


Doctors or Dentists for Bad Breath


In the end, having problems with bad breath can be something to be grateful for as they can indicate that something much more serious is going on with your body. If it does turn out to be something major, you can thank the bad breath that got you into a doctor without your body suffering any more damage from disease or illness.


Of all the many bad breath causes, oral situations such as cavities and gum disease make up a very large percentage of all bad breath causes. With this knowledge in mind, making an appointment with a dentist seems more reasonable than beginning with a general doctor.


If it is a heavily infected tooth, a dentist may require that you see a general doctor for a prescription of antibiotics before the tooth is extracted. This keeps any chances of infection from spreading on your way to good breath.

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