African Black Soap

The Origins and Benefits of the African Black Soap


The African Black Soap is one aspect of African heritage that has held on strongly against western perceptions and influences. Modern African Black Soap have its origins in West Africa, especially Nigeria and Ghana. It is known as Dudu Ose in Nigeria, after the Yoruba tribal word that roughly translates as “Black Soap”


How is it made?


There is nothing magical about the African Black Soap as it is made from the ash of a variety of harvested plants and crop barks found in plantain, palm tree leaves cocoa pods and the Shea tree. Other contents include palm oil, palm kernel oil, and coconut oil.


The Process


At first, the applicable leaves are sun baked and roasted in seething pot at a constant and even temperature. This serves to preserve the texture, smell, and color. When this is well heated, water is applied with the various oils and continually stirred and most times for an entire day. The curing process sets in after this, as the cooked soap is left off for an upward of two weeks.


The differences from one community to another are responsible for the varying levels of color observed. Some are pitch black while others are grey or dark brown. The different concentration levels applied for the components can be said to account for this variation.


All the variations of the African Black Soap made in Africa are from organic materials, and they remain as effective as they have been through the ages. Other versions made in western countries have been tinkered with and, therefore, have different chemical contents, unlike the pure African version.



Some versions are available in the market in bar shapes like other soaps while others are packed in bottles as a liquid content.




The benefits of the African black Soap include the following;


Curative Power


The African Black Soap has healing powers and has been used to cure cuts from pre-historic time. It heals bruises and cleanses skin discoloration.


Vitamin and Iron Supply


The African Black Soap is rich in natural vitamin A, E and Iron, bereft of any artificial additives. Its Shea Butter content is of the highest grade and is at a level not found in any other soap on earth. It is also known to be protective against sun burn and harmful rays.


Good for Sensitive Skin


As a result of its natural content, it is very mild on sensitive skin and an excellent option for the elderly and Infants. Reviews from adults with sensitive point in the direction of its gentle properties which leaves the skin cleansed without any sign of scaling or irritation. It is soft to touch and offers a natural fragrance that is refreshing.

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