Consider This When Searching For New Air-Conditioning Installations


Air-conditioning is perhaps the most complex of systems that’s found in a home. It is necessary, therefore, to hire a skilled a contractor that you can trust and fully rely on. That’s because the inherent safety issues posed by heating systems can be detrimental. Also, ensure the contractor is an expert on matters air-conditioning. Prior to choosing a service provider or rather an installation company, here’s what to keep in mind.


#1: Air-Conditioning Estimates


You must get an estimate from a contractor before hiring them. This will help you alleviate confusion when it comes to payments. Estimates are often designed to give the client a rough estimate of the cost of service – whether they charge by the hour or by the job. To be on the safe side, have them put every estimate into writing (costs, warranty and energy efficiency).


Once you have the estimates, you can then compare them with each new system offer on the market. It’s often a prudent way to get good value for your money. Any installation company or contractor that refuses to provide air-conditioning estimates should be avoided like the plague.


#2: References


Everyone wants to hire a service provider with an admirable repute – one that offers friendly, fair prices and has a professional team that provides quality work. To succeed in your searching, ask for references from friends, neighbors, family whom they use or trust for their home air-conditioning repairs and new installations. Or ask potential contractors for their contacts. Past costumers equally serve as good sources to inquire for references.


#3: Special Offers


Besides requesting air-conditioning estimates, ask your contractor about any special offers or current promotions they may have. These offers can save you significant amount of monies as a new customer. Most installation companies have yearly or monthly offers. Ensure to look at them and consider the prices offered. You may end up saving more money than you thought.


#4: Home Evaluation


You should go after a service provider/installation company that conducts a thorough home evaluation prior to installing a new air-conditioner. That way, you are assured of them fitting the right air-conditioner system that aptly fits your budget as well as the best location in your home. If a contractor doesn’t carry out a home evaluation, they might not be the best fit.


#5: License & Insurance


The installation company you’re about to hire, are they insured and licensed to do the job? No? Run for the hills. RUN! A contractor must be licensed and insured before you hire them. Asking for their license is what will tell you whether they are fully authorized to install air-conditioners in homes. In case, they’re injured while, on the job, their insurance company will ensure you are not held liable.

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