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Angelon Plastic Colour Sorter: An Innovative Product for Sorting Plastic


Plastic recycling is a practice that has been popular for years. With this, several products have been also introduced in the past, each with the promise of making plastic sorting a task that can be accomplished in a manner that is easier. One of the perfect examples of such is the Angelon Plastic Colour Sorter. Generally speaking, this wonderful machine can help in PET flakes sorting, HDPE flakes sorting, PE bottle caps sorting, PP milk bottle flakes sorting, and sorting of other plastic materials. It has a highly-advanced design and functionality, making it an essential for plastic sorting and recycling.


Quality First, Service First


Among others, the Angelon Plastic Colour Sorter has an edge above its competitors because of the emphasis that is being given by the manufacturer on both quality and service. You can be confident that all of their products are built with superior quality in mind, not only to outdo the competition but more importantly, to make sure of the highest level of satisfaction of their end users. The company also provides excellent support services, guaranteeing assistance when you need it the most. Whether you are in China or in any of its export markets, you can expect top-notch support for their PET flakes sorting machine.


Top-of-the-Line Product Features


As a premier choice for HDPE flakes sorting and sorting other plastic materials, Angelon Plastic Colour Sorter takes pride in having a diversity of high-end features that give the product a distinction above other choices. One of the most notable is the real-display image, which is a deviation from the black and white interface of the older models of sorting machines. It is equipped with exceptional sorting accuracy, providing you with the confidence that the outcomes will be nothing short of being remarkable.


The integration of a full-colour CCD camera provides it with the ability to deliver excellent image acquisition. It is designed with 24-bit true industrial cameras, which sets the bar high within the product category. Such camera allows the machine to take advantage of the highest resolution that is possible to guarantee superior performance.


The Angelon Plastic Colour Sorter is also designed with LED lighting, which is basically the one that is responsible for providing even illumination. To add, such lighting material is also remarkable because of its longevity compared to traditional light bulbs.


With multiple parameter colour setting, it can be able to separate not only two, but multiple colours, making it more useful for PET flakes sorting or HDPE flakes sorting.


Lastly, the most important thing about Angelon Plastic Colour Sorter is its ease of use. It comes with a user-friendly interface, which means that making the most out of the machine will not require too much effort.

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