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Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas for a Small Bathroom


If you have a small bathroom, you can make use of every free space into the bathroom and make it look bigger. In fact, you can do it effectively without adding clutter, which might make the tiny space appear more congested that it should. While you creatively use the storage space, you should also remember that bathroom is the most used room in the home despite being small. Therefore, when creating the storage space, you should not compromise on its utility. Below is a list of creative bathroom storage ideas.


Vanity Space


If you have a vanity sink, you can maximize the storage space by installing a spice rack. You will surprise at how much space you can add on the cabinet doors. In addition, you can install rollout shelving on your vanity cabinets. Rollout shelving is a terrific bathroom storage idea because you will double the existing storage space in those cabinets. Moreover, the sliding design will help you utilize the corners of the cabinets, and you can access the items in the cabinet with ease.


Mirrored Cabinet Doors


You can kill two birds with one stone when you install mirrored cabinet doors. Firstly, mirrors will make your small bathroom appear big. Secondly, the mirror creates extra space where you can install a medicine cabinet, thereby saving space. Therefore, when you want to get your cosmetics, you just reach out behind the mirror and get the necessary items. A mirrored cabinet is a splendid bathroom storage idea because it will eliminate the clutter in your bathroom.


Curtain Rods


Never underestimate the bathroom storage space created using curtain rods. You can add more space in your bathroom by installing curtain rods on your shower. You can use the extra curtain rods and additional curtain hooks to create more space for your bathing supplies. You can hang waterproof baskets on the curtain hooks and eliminate the clutter in your bathroom. If you have kids, you can even put their toys these baskets.




The common perception is that a bathtub will take a lot of space in your small bathroom. It is true that the tub will consume a large space. Nonetheless, you can make up for the lost space by creating an additional bathroom storage space beneath the tub. You can install a pull-down drawer system, where you can put your bath supplies. In fact, it is a very convenient storage space because you just pull out the supplies while you are in the tub.


Shelve Above the Door


There is an unused space above your bathroom door. It is not easily reachable, but you can use this bathroom storage space to store items that need to be kept away from children. It is an ideal place to keep chemical cleaners thereby keeping the children safe.

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