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Ever since 1989, the capital of Lebanon, Beirut, has been rebuilding itself slowly after its period of civil war. As of this point, it has completely rejuvenated itself and now considered as one of the most predominant cities of culture in the Middle East. In fact, the modern Beirut has been divided into several districts, including a specific area that is fully dominated by clubs, bars and restaurants. There is also an area for shopping. Two of the other districts have beaches in, but only one is for public use. These only mean that Beirut tourism is currently up and running.


Travel to Lebanon – Exciting Options


Lebanon, in general, exudes of a European attitude. There is no wonder to this because the country was under French rule for a long period of time. As a matter of fact, many of the standard cultures and courtesies that are generally used in a European country may be used here.


If you are planning on a Beirut tour, you can enjoy several activities. For example, if you are looking for a daytime entertainment, there are galleries and museums that showcase some of Lebanon and Beirut’s history, along with their struggle for centuries in fighting with other empires. There are also squares and parks wherein you can certain enjoy local boutiques and cafes, or just enjoy watching Lebanese life.


While the beaches are non-sandy, you can also find some leisure resorts and health spas which offer day passes and other treatments. There are also venues for challenging activities, such golf courses or horse racing. If you are more of the adventurous type, you may want to explore scuba diving and see dozes of shipwrecks along the coastal areas.


Beirut tourism has definitely flourished in recent years. Most brands from the west are being represented now, and you can enjoy a very familiar feel on the malls. If you want to explore the more traditional experience in shopping, you can also try the souks. They offer clothes, jewellery, spices, as well as imitation items. In Beirut, bargaining is king. Therefore, you need to make sure that you can handle haggling really well.

Of course, your travel to Lebanon will never be complete without tasting its food. Lebanese food, just like any Mediterranean offers, is generally healthy. The traditional Mezze is actually a combination of about 30 dishes. Eating out is affordable. If you are stuck outside, you can always choose the food offered by street vendors. You may also explore outside the city in order to visit the countryside. Visiting for a Beirut tour at the right time of the year can even allow you to ski on one of the famous 6 slopes in the area.

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