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Bestselling authors tend to hire the service of a book cover designer to achieve a professional, high quality, unique and attractive book cover.  They believe that people judge a book based on their cover.  If you want to sell your book online using Amazon, Kindle, Createspace or even promote it on Wattpad, then you may want to hire someone to create the best book cover design.  He will then ask you about the things that you want to see on your book cover so you have to be prepared about your ideal book cover design.  Here are some things that you need to consider to achieve a professional book cover.


The images and text


Images and text on the book cover should be high quality and visible when promoting your books online.  The readers should be able to read the text well since book covers are presented as thumbnails on online book sites like Amazon, Kindle, Kobo, Createspace or Wattpad.  If readers cannot understand the text on the book cover, there is a probability that they will not be interested in the book.  The image on the cover, should be able to make the reader feel something rather than to tell them something.


Treat it like a jigsaw puzzle


Creating your novel is like joining the pieces of a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle and your book cover serves as the final piece of the puzzle.  The final piece of the puzzle is important as it completes the entire puzzle.  Without the final piece, all your efforts will be put to waste.  Think of an attractive and unique book cover design that will attract the community of Amazon, Kobo, Kindle, Createspace, and Wattpad.


Avoid the usual style


If there are cliché stories, then there are also cliché book covers.  Books on finance usually contain a dollar bill or a piggy bank.  You can make it more personal and unique.  If the book is about finance do not make it literally look like a finance but make sure that it will be able to convey the right message to your readers, that is how a professional book cover should look like.


The key message of your book


An author will write as long as he has something to say.  A book with no message is just a piece of trash that belongs in the bin.  What is your purpose for writing the story?  What do you want to impart with your readers.  Put that in one sentence and place that sentence on the book cover.  A best book cover design should contain a statement that it is intriguing and will pique the reader’s interest.


Ask your readers online


It is also important if you can ask the idea of your readers.  Tell them about your next novel and ask them to impart their idea about it.  Self-publishers particularly do not have the machinery to promote their self-published book, so it is essential to interact with their readers.  Listen to them, some of them are very creative, and you might get an idea on how to effectively promote your book and how to create the best book cover design.

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