6 Reliable Ways to Make Extra Money in Your Spare Time

Looking to turn your (extra) time into money without getting a second job? There are numerous ways to supplement your income irrespective of whether you have a few hours or minutes in a day to spare. In this era aptly christened information age, it is now easier than ever to flex your “hustle” muscle online and earn extra income. Maybe you need a little spending money, or you want to pay down a debt, or maybe you’re saving for a goal. Either way making extra money is possible.

Surefire Ways to Make Extra Money

#1: Sell your stuff/items on Amazon – Selling unwanted items on Amazon like that collection of baseball cards you’ve had since you were a kid, or that gift you collected over Christmas holiday can make you hundreds of dollars, in a snap! Selling on Amazon is a walk in the park. You just need to find the “Have one to sell? Sell on Amazon” button (it’s always on the right-hand side of any product, past the “buy” options). You will learn how to post a listing and know when it sells.

#2: Fiverr – You can make extra money on Fiverr by offering any service from quirky ones like taking a picture of an animal or writing your name on the beach and take a picture of it, or by providing professional services such as designing a logo or creating an animation – as simple as that. You earn a minimum of $5 (excluding website fees) hence the Fiverr name. If you are offering to do little-complicated tasks, you can charge more money. You are not limited at all.

#3: Mystery Shopping – Nothing is more fun-filled than mystery shopping. All you need to do is learn to keep a secret and follow instructions, and voila! It’s a simple way to earn a little extra. Mystery shoppers remain just that – a mystery. Companies that hire mystery shoppers to make certain that their businesses are run properly; assignments could involve checking how clean the restrooms are, evaluating a cashier’s friendliness, or asking questions about a product.

#4: Rent your space – If you have an extra space that is just collecting cobwebs when instead it could be collecting you cold, hard cash, rent it out. Extra storage, floor space or an extra room is a good source of income as it can be rented to generate money. Turn that spare room into a revenue stream by renting it, alternatively, to RentYourSpace.net, or on AirBnB.com.

#5: Pet sitting – Do you have a penchant for pets? Yes? Supplement your income by watching people’s furry friends from the comfort of your home, or at theirs. It’s a simple task that involves looking after or sitting a pet for a couple of hours, or overnight. To be a pet sitter, you can visit sites such as Rover.com or Care.com to connect with pet owners, and voila!

#6: Sell your items on eBay – If you are looking to get maximum dough for your unwanted items (especially if they’re popular or rare), auction them on eBay. The sites easy-to-use format will help sell your stuff. To target serious buyers, who want to skip the bidding, set a “Buy It Now” price. Remember: write an interesting description, take pictures, and present the item accurately.

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