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Top 10 Benefits of Essential Oils and Botanical Extracts in Skincare Products


We’ve heard so many things about switching to organic or herbal solutions, which are basically essential oils, botanical extracts, treatment from plants and herbs and so much more. The reason behind the rise of popularity of natural treatments and wellness is because many have realized that aside from being generally a more affordable alternative, these are proven effective treatments for decades and even centuries and are known to have less to no side effects. Instead of using chemical-induced products on your skin, try ones with essential oils and botanical extracts and be amazed with its results.


  1. Essential oils and botanical extracts can help control acne. There are so many different creams and ointments in the market with promises of instant “cure” of acne. The anti-bacterial and antioxidant ingredients of essential oils are actually the best treatments for acne. With regular use, not only will you be able to get rid of existing acne but prevent it from coming back again.
  2. Stop signs of aging with essential oils and botanical extracts. Human beings from previous generations didn’t need plastic surgery or other similar treatments to keep their youthful look. Now you cannot really stop aging as you are expected to celebrate your birthday each year but you can look years younger than your actual age with regular applications of skincare products with essential oils and botanical extracts.
  3. Scars, no matter how terrible they look, need not stay on your skin forever as essential oils and botanical extracts have the ability to make these scars shades lighter and appear almost invisible to the naked eye with regular application.
  4. Similar to scars, dark spots and blemishes may also be treated effectively by essential oils and botanical extracts found in skincare products.
  5. If you have dealt with oily skin for many years now, you will appreciate how essential oils and extracts coming from selected plants and flowers can actually treat that. Soon, you will have rejuvenated and moisturized skin minus the disgusting oil.
  6. Dryness of the skin is very common. Essential oils and botanical extracts will keep the skin moisturized day in and day out and with regular treatment using these skincare products.
  7. Instead of injecting collagen and other forms of medication on your skin, you can improve your skin’s elasticity with essential oils found in certain skincare products.
  8. You can’t wear makeup every single day, and one would love a beautiful skin tone, which can be achieved with certain essential oils and botanical extracts.
  9. Using essential oils that are not diluted to the right percentage may cause harm to the skin. This is why ready-made skin products, which are infused with essential oils and botanical extracts are the best way to go.
  10. Aromatherapy through your skin products is also widely available with botanical extracts and essential oils that you can use on your skin. While treating your skin, you will also get that calming and relaxing feeling because of aromatherapy.

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