Negative Consequences of Dieting and Overeating

Stop Weight Yo-Yoing: The Key to Healthy Living


Every day, girls see models that are stick thin making it big on the television and other mainstream media channels. Media has prescribed the image of a skinny girl with high cheekbones to be the world definition of “pretty.” Because of this, many women who aim for this figure go on crash diets. They do not understand that these diets affect the health by depriving the body of nutrients that it needs. After these women start feeling weak and tired because of the unhealthy diet, they start overeating to gain what they have lost — it is the body’s natural instinct. This effect is also known as yo-yo dieting or weight cycling. While they are less affected, men have also been known to fall prey to this phenomenon. Men see that women are more attracted to a specific body type and aim for that. After failing to reach their goals, they start overeating and gain all that they have lost. Unbeknownst to most people, the negative consequences of dieting and overeating can be most disturbing — more than just dieting and overeating women of all ages should understand that balance is the key to being beautiful and staying healthy.


Negative Consequences of Dieting and Overeating


While a proper diet is imperative for a healthy lifestyle, a poorly planned diet is highly detrimental to both the physiological and psychological well-being. The first negative — and most obvious — consequence of sudden diets or eating sprees is a change in size. When a person eats too little, his or her body is deprived of nutrients, causing the person to become thin, but in an unhealthy way. By depriving the body of nutrients, certain bodily functions have to be stopped to make up for the abrupt change. Eating more than what is needed without proper exercise, on the other hand, causes the body to store the extra food as fats. The key to being thin but healthy is balance — a good balance between eating the proper food and doing proper exercise.


Another negative consequence of dieting and overeating is fatigue. When a person is stick thin, he or she usually lacks iron, sugar and other essential nutrients that the body needs to function properly. This causes feelings of tiredness and sleepiness. When a person is too fat, on the other hand, he or she is unused to the weight that he or she has to constantly carry. Coupled with the lack of proper nutrient absorption, this leads to feelings of extreme fatigue, as well.

The last, but not the least, negative consequence of dieting and overeating is the long term effect. The consequences of improper diets are too numerous to list. Overeating can cause diabetes, heart attacks, sleep apnea, and strokes, among others. Crash dieting, on the other hand, can cause infertility, cancer, and other serious illnesses.


No one can stress the importance of a proper diet enough. The key to a healthy and worry-free life is a good balance between eating healthy food and exercising. By understanding the actual harm that this activity brings, more people can be encouraged to stop weight yo-yoing and start living healthier lives.

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