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The Perfect Nursery School for Your Baby


All new parents and especially expectant mothers have the constant question in their mind, how the life of their young ones will kick off. After the first few basic stages taken by, the child follows the educational introduction step that will most definitely determine the child’s future. A nursery school is the basic foundation of any person and the orientation at this stage can either make a proper scholar or a dull learner for the rest of their lives. A nursery class typically requires a minimum of six toddlers, with a recommended age span of between two and a half and seven years.


The environment of your child at this stage is more important in the child’s development than the school syllabus and as such the place needs to stand out. The parent should ensure safety as the top priority. The child should find a beautiful and a welcoming environment, which nearly matches home. Conventionally, nursery schools are situated on ground floors of any building, or at most on the first floors with a functional elevator. The temperature and air circulation should be maintained accordingly for adequate warmth and fresh air. Floors should be heavily padded to cushion kids against falls and other accidents. Children at the nursery stage are always very creative and bold. As such, no sharp, hard or slippery surfaces should be encountered.


A nursery also requires a standard play area, which should have a combination of both stationary structures and mobile play toys. Nurseries also require a sleeping area as the after class schedule requires a nap time for all kids. Bedding used, in this case, needs daily cleaning and disinfection. Feeding is also another requirement to perfect in the nursery class. Depending on the duration of time spent in school, the school should offer adequate snacks and meals since kids at this stage are always energetic and high spirited. The expecting parents should check to ensure that there is no congestion in class and outside. Each child needs a minimum of 35-40 square feet of indoor space and 200 square feet of outdoor play area.


The parents should also ensure that the means of transporting the kids from home to school and back is completely safe and well monitored to the doorstep. Cleanliness and sanitation also top the list of priorities. A constant flow of clean, warm water is one of the must have’s in the premise. Toilets and washrooms should be easily accessible by the kids. They also require a standby janitor to ensure total hygiene as kids that age have limited memory abilities. Other items like first aid kits, emergency exits, and security contacts make up the things no one would have guessed that are essential items in a nursery class.

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