Stanced Cars

Stanced Cars: Making a Statement and Getting Attention


If there is one thing that stanced cars are known for, it would be the fact that they prioritize form over function. Some people might immediately cringe when they see tuner / import cars with a low and wide body, thinking that the driver or the owner must have been stupid to be driving such a car. While it is indeed more of a car for showing, there are many reasons on why you should love lowered cars. It may not be appreciated by everyone, but for people who would like to stand out and make a stance, such a car can prove to be the best.


The Origin of the Design of Stanced Cars


While the exact history of fitted cars may seem grey, many believe that its design is borrowed from the motorsports industry. Back in the day, race engineers believe that the best race cars are the ones with a wider track, which will basically be responsible for producing less weight transfer. The latter is tantamount into having better corner grip. With such, the look of cambered cars has been donned on the streets and became more popular, even if there are people who still think that it is a foolish idea to have stanced cars.


The Essentials of a Proper Stance


Not all tuner / import cars are created the same. At the end of the day, even if the functionality is sacrificed in exchange of form, this does not give you the excuse to be reckless with design considerations. Among others, the most important for lowered cars is to have the right suspension and wheel components. You need to invest on high quality suspension to have a ride that looks good and offers excellent ride quality. Adjusting camber, stretching tires, and installing spacers are other things that will prove to be essential. All of these should be done by a reputable company with experience in tuning and modifying cars.


Custom Decals for Stanced Cars


For these cars to be able to attract more attention, one of the most important would be custom decals. The latter will provide the car with its own personality making it different from all others you can see on the road. Create a personalized statement with car stickers. You do not need to have stickers that are the same with other cars. With custom decals, you can be sure that only you will have such sticker. Create your own design or work with a company that has a competent design team to come up with car stickers that will suit your preferences. Aside from the design, make sure as well that they are of high-quality. As your cambered car is a precious investment, do not just choose any sticker!

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